Winged Unicorn (Alicorn), what is it and how is it different from a normal unicorn?

Moving forward with our previous article depicting a number of things that make unicorns what they are and giving you a number of insiders on unicorns which you may have not heard of before. Today we’ll be tackling the difference between the winged unicorn (also known as the “Alicorn”) and a normal unicorn. Actually, this so-called alicorn had been featured first ever in a play of Irish poet W. B. Yeats 1907 named “The Unicorn from the Stars” in which it was portrayed to be associated with ecstatic destruction.


What is an Alicorn?


Basically, an alicorn is a combination of a unicorn with a Pegasus. It’s a cross combination where the wings of a Pegasus, which, according to early scriptures could represent the wings of an angel and therefore guarding or protecting those under it.

And the other unmistakable key feature is of course the infamous horn taken from the unicorn. This single horn is associated with the protection and main energy source for these majestic animals to feed on and has so-called healing powers which could change how time played out; healing people from wounds, resurrecting the dead and even go back in time.

It’s quite interesting to know that the combination of these two greats could come to a devastatingly destructive offspring.


How to draw a unicorn horn


When it comes to expressing yourself on paper, we always found that drawing helps and therefore comes the following question: how to draw a unicorn horn?

We’ve done some research (mostly on Deviantart) which has some great tutorials on making even the most casual drawer able to create a great looking unicorn horn.


  1. Draw a cone
  2. Create lines which range parallel to the base of the cone. Then reduce the distance of the lines as you move up from the base.
  3. Link each line on the outside with curves to make it appear more as a whole.
  4. Finally, erase the outer straight lines.


How to draw angel wings


We have to be honest, drawing angel wings is not a walk in the park, but let’s try and put this as easy as possible. Assuming that you are going with the tutorial on how to draw angel wings with a bit of an anime theme;


  1. Draw a rough outline of the shape of the wings that include; point of attachment, upper shoulder, elbow and tip. (For those not exactly sure what the dimensions could be, get yourself a side of chicken wings.
  2. Draw some simple feather tip shapes at the bottoms of either wing.
  3. Add additional feather shapes and shadows.


For more info on unicorn, alicorn and also Pegasus, feel free to visit us and enjoy drawing yourself some of these majestic animals.

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