What College School Supplies Are Critical in 2019?

Going back to college is a thing that occurs every year, being prepared is needed to make sure that your first lecture will be successful, instead of finding yourself short on your school supplies. So, without further ado, here’s a list that you could take a look at to remind yourself to get the essential college supplies in 2019.

A Backpack

The vital foundation of any student; a sturdy backpack. Preferably in a great design which will ensure yours stands out from the rest in case you decide to have a small get together and your bags get mixed up. Big enough to hold all books for your daily courses yet small enough not to allow you to pack your family in its entirety in it.

Sticky Page Markers

Nothing yells organization more than some color organization to make sure you focus on the key information.

Notebooks/ Binders / Folders

The root of all that holds key information and to ensure you’ll always have the complete information for a course in hand are folders and binders.

A Flash Drive

With our curriculum being in the 21st century, there’s numerous projects and papers to be handed in throughout the year. Make sure you get yourself a USB drive which are super affordable on Amazon.

A Highlighter Set

Nothing is more frustrating than sifting through a thick book looking for that vital piece of information. So, to safe you a number of headaches, how about we go ahead and get ourselves a rainbow-colored set of highlighters?

A Thermos Bottle

This definitely sounds a bit strange, BUT how are you going to get through your college life without a bit of coffee or juice that can stay at its temperature throughout the day. Seriously, this is a life saver.


A Calculator

Not going to lie, answering simple equations was something simple when we were young. But as the equations get more difficult and due to habits, we absolutely rely on these.

A Pencil Case

How else are you going to put all of your pencils, pens together?

Printer Paper

Although we agree that most papers are handed in using e-mail, there are a number of colleges and universities that still require you to hand in a physical copy, in case you are educated in one of these marvelous places, get yourself some printer paper.

Hole Puncher / Stapler

When you have a number of folders or binders, make sure you are set up to place things in them in an organized way.


This was our top 10 list of essential college supply list for 2019. We are sure that we might have left something out and to make sure that we don’t please feel free to like and leave a comment to make sure this list will be more complete. As for the school supplies, we have a great number that we provide on our website so feel free to take a look.  

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