Have you heard of the latest Unicorn Trends in the form of some epic Unicorn Products?

Whether you want to follow the trend or not is up to you, but we’re telling you that the mythical unicorn is coming back and in an epic way! By some strange and unexplained reason, it seems that products with a unicorn design are upcoming in a great and strong way; unicorn cups, unicorn backpacks and even unicorn wallpaper are now available in a variety of online stores and the trend keeps on growing since March 2017. If you want to be part of the trend, feel free to check out our merchandise on our online store!


Before we dig into the Merch, we have for you, here are some interesting unicorn facts.


Although most people have a rough idea on what unicorns look like, we’re still fairly confident that there are some “facts” which you probably have not yet heard about. Check these out and let us know in the comments which you did or did not know, compliment our list with what more knowledge you have about these mythical creatures.

  1. A Unicorn is a mythical and legendary animal most easily identifiable by its majestic single horn.
  1. Unicorns, unlike its close relatives the Pegasus, are bound to earth and do not have wings.
  1. Unicorns are not only mentioned in history found in European history, but in Asian history as well.
  1. Unicorn families spend their lifetime within the depth of the woods and receive their energy through their horns.
  1. A baby unicorn is called a sparkle.

Back to our merch!

With the unicorn pattern products that seem to be on a rise, we as Ollagift naturally want to ensure we’re able to offer you personally a great selection of products ranging from unicorn backpacks which are simply amazing and affordable for the upcoming school term. The unicorn backpack is made from a twill weave material that is machine washable and with the double compartment can hold plenty to last you throughout the day.

Seriously though, we’re not joking. Take the opportunity now to at least take a look at our unicorn backpacks, they are sparkly, they are lit, they come in a number of different designs and the best part of these unicorn backpacks, they are limited.

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