The Best Kids Backpacks and Small Backpacks

Kids’ backpacks design and trending styles are changing with our media culture. These changes take place every single day and these changes take place with a single viral video. A new video of your favorite pop artist, or the latest quote of your favorite actor or actress. It’s good to stay on top for the sake of not just yourself, but especially those who get influenced the most from media and new trends. Today we’ll show off a couple of amazing unicorn backpack styles that are popular and also inform you on the best way on how to wash a backpack bought at Ollagift.


The versatility of a Small Backpack is Superb!

I’m not sure if I’m speaking with the right audience right now but if you, like me were a 90’s kid you’ll most likely remember those backpacks that could hold your entire bedroom. “Tents” as we like to refer to them would be of great quality but would weigh a ton and back then, the only stylish backpacks available that were able to be called a small backpack were those made by Eastpack.

Nowadays however, a durable and affordable small backpack can be acquired at nearly every online retailer and they are so versatile! Whether you are going to the gym and just need to bring some light gear, do some easy grocery shopping or wanting to go grab some stuff for the baby to take your baby to the beach or forest.

Small backpacks priced at ONLY $25,-


My Backpack is Highly Customizable

When we are strictly speaking about a backpack that you can truly call “my backpack” the key is customizability. Those things are quite hard to find in your every day school supply store, but there are places where you are able to customize the backpack completely. With that in mind, please allow us to kindly redirect your attention to the below image.


Here at Ollagift, you can get a small backpack for your kid’s daily needs that will fit all of the daily needs. You can make a choice out of an amazing selection of unicorn backpack designs that we’ve put together for you and they are best on our best sellers, but that extra customization comes from a printable name tag that we can print in the bag itself!


How to Wash a Backpack

Backpacks can get dirty and therefore, a clean every now and then would be great to give your rucksack that fresh look. In most cases, handwashing is your best option and so we ensured to include a video in our post that shows you exactly how.


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