SomeBirthday Gift Ideas in 2019

“Times have changed.”; a short sentence that gets slipped into conversation I have with not only my grandparents, but my own parents as well. The ongoing change that occurs in our daily life can make it a bit of a struggle for some to keep up with from time to time. This is also one of the reasons that we’ve decided to spend some time trying to educate YOU with some of our best birthday gift ideas of 2019. We’ll be going over the unicorn trends that is on the loose out there and rampaging around in many schools and even universities, so strap in and enjoy the read.


Best Gift Ideas in 2019 for Women (and men?)

When we take a look at modern day fashion there is one thing that has become extremely clear; most of the items that are for sale have become more or less socially acceptable as unisex. Whether it’s accessories, clothing items as well as bags, we strongly feel that it matters more in the way that you combine colors together than the exact style the items are designed in. So, what better way to go about this than in a combination of all colors available? And to make sure we add some majestic to the color mix, UNICORNS!


Educational Supplies

We’re half way through our summer holidays and that asks for some new supplies! The schoolbag that you bought online at a discount online shop has fallen apart (not as durable as expected) and you just realized that you ought to be taking in some water throughout the course of the day but spending money is cutting into your fragile budget. Rain was also not exactly part of the plan as you don’t want to catch a cold nor arrive in class soaking wet.

Well, we here at Ollagift are taking care of each of there in style and quality!


Best Bag Birthday Gift Ideas in 2019


We provide in durable, affordable and mostly ADORABLE unicorn styled bags of all shapes and sizes.

We have got some premium grade schoolbags that feature several compartments so all of your school supplies are able to fit the schoolbag conveniently and effortlessly. The only thing that would be an issue however is carrying the number of things weighing somewhat in case you fill the bag up.


Duffle bags might also make on of the best birthday gift ideas in 2019, because, who doesn’t need a multifunctional bag that’s easy to carry? Think of the one you’re giving this marvelous bag to for a second… and then imagine that person going to the gym, or going to the grocery store for some last-minute dinner shopping for a home cooked meal. Contributing to a sustainable future and knowing that this bag will be able to last you for years to come would be a massive help.

Another way this duffle bag could be used is for some camping trips during the weekend, not only are you able to find your bag to be the most unique one available, but it holds enough when filled to capacity to sustain you for an entire week!


We also have a couple of amazingly cute unicorn lunch bags that has been layered with insolation to keep your food and drink items at temperature. In case you are reading this and you happened to have grandchildren, surprise them with one of grandma-/ grandpa’s great looking lunch boxes.


Accompany the Best Birthday Gift with… More Birthday Gift Ideas


Electronics! That’s probably the keyword among students from primary (yes, even that young nowadays) to mature students who go to night school. No let us school you on all of our goodies that would go great the amazing products you have seen above already.


Even though Iphone have, according to a number of phone users, made some questionable decisions. However, we are here and have probably the best iphone covers available online at our online shop and not even at iphone prizes, so all the more reason to take a look at this!


If you were impressed with our lunch boxes with isolated layers, then you’re in for a treat! Our thermos bottles combined with the lunch boxes are probably one of our best-selling gift ideas in 2019 combinations. The thermos will keep drinks cold (or hot) up to 6 hours and is made from the best stainless steel, so no worries about dropping these fancy bottles and enjoy your drink.



Many Thanks!


We’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to read through our little writeup today and hope that we’ve informed you on the best birthday gift ideas in 2019 here at Ollagift! We are also able to combine a number of our items found on our website as to make the perfect and best birthday gift packs of 2019. In case you feel especially creative, how about clicking on the DIY section of our website where you can fully customize gifts to your standards, combined with our team of professionals we will ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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