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Another couple of days have passed and so we are back again with some amazing products for you to take a look at. School is going to be starting again soon and as such we’ll be prepping you for upcoming school terms as well take a look at one of our best-selling wall mounted makeup organizers. Whether you feel like going on a trip to the wilderness or moving into a new place looking to get your makeup situation, situated in a small dorm room with not as much space, it could be hung anywhere. Alternatively, we’ve got some great basic small backpack and cell phone bags that are trending. So, get ready and have a look with us while we go on a rant and inform you all about our best Ollagift products on offer right now!

A Small Backpack for Any Occasion You Can Imagine


Aside from the heavy load bags we’ve got a great collection of small backpack options. In comparison to our larger, heavy duty backpacks these merely feature a single large storage compartment which (regardless it’s “small backpack” name) allows you to store all of your books needed for that particular day.

The adjustable straps of the carrier are made from leather and will last you a long time. Attached to the leather straps you’ll find your canvas bag with a hidden compartment that you could open using a zipper located on the side of the bag, on the side that would on the inside, to store all your valuables. The inside of the small backpack, located within the large compartment has 2 extra pouches. 1 of those is made from a mesh material and the other is waterproof.

This small backpack is perfect for youngsters who are just attending kindergarten or primary school as it could easily fit books and lunch boxes at the same time and with the fun patterns, all unicorn related, this small backpack would take your child on a wonderful magical adventure.


Cell Phone Bags, Are the Best Choice for a Modern-Day Lifestyle


When we first thought of designing a cell phone bag, we sort of had a Nokia 3310 in mind which was, and still is indestructible. Do you remember those, extremely tight-fitting leather bags that took you about an hour to fit into? and don’t even begin to mention getting your phone back out of the cell phone bag.

Instead, we decided to take another direction and make our cell phone bags a lot more multi-functional. Instead of a way to attach the bag to your belt, we have created a long comfortable leather strap so as to wear it as a cross shoulder bag.

Aside from that, the biggest compartment is big enough to even the biggest phone available on the market today (Yes, the Iphone 8+ included). The cell phone bag is kept closed, as a whole, by a snap-fastener and to make it even more convenient, we’ve added a card slot holder into it as well so you’re able to keep with you all your valuables at the same time.

As for the “ice on the cake”, we’ve got no less than 15 designs of magic and wonder available right now when you click on the image (available while stock lasts) and they are flying of the counter like hot-cakes!

On the small chance of you, NOT liking the patterns found on our site, design your own cell phone bag with our convenient online application and get your customized gifts printed uniquely for you only.


Wall Mounted Makeup Organizers That Are a Literal Space Saver


Tell us that we aren’t the only people in the world that used to live in the tiniest apartment available off campus. The kind of living space that was so compact, that you almost feel like the bedroom, bathroom (and for some, the kitchen) felt like one big room.

Those who are in serious need of a nice space saving product, that is functional and would nearly hold all of your make up, we’d like to show off our wall mounted makeup organizers. Able to be hung by a single hanger or nail, this magnificent beauty is filled with mesh bags so you’ll never lose a single thing. Reaching to a great 18.5 inch in length, we challenge you in trying this product yourself! Toiletries, foundations, moisturizers, lip sticks, you name it, we can fit it into the wall mounted makeup organizers.

However, don’t forget that with the zipper closure, you can pack it up and take it with you on your trips just as easily!


Come get some…More!


Another 3 great product reviews from here at Ollagift, but this is only a tiny speck of our huge collection of school supplies that you ought to be focusing on. Feel free to leave a comment, a like and come on over to check us out!

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