Jazz up your Table with Placemats from Ollagift on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is around the corner and that means it is time to prepare for this special day. Have you realized that about gratitude, we always talk more and do less? Our mothers deserve the best, they give us so much love and witness our growth, it is high time to find a heart-felt Mother’s Day gift to show tons of gratitude to them. If you have no idea about what present to buy for your mother, please consider customized placemats from Ollagift.


Why we recommend Ollagift’s customized placemats on Mother’s Day?

Mothers elaborately prepare meals for us every day, so, on Mother’s Day, many of us choose to reverse our roles - preparing a big meal for our mothers to show our gratitude, right? But unfamiliar cooking always makes us feel that the dinner we prepared can’t reward our mothers very well. However, it takes time to improve our cooking skills, and the Mother’s Day is just around the corner! So why not do some decorations like putting placemats under your dishes to make our food look more exquisite?

Placemats can be used for fun, festive, informal celebrations or some special occasions, that is depending on the atmosphere you want to create. They do way more than just soak up the spills, you could also think of them as the backdrop for the meal you just made. We designed a series of Mother’s Day Theme placemats, which will add a warm and romantic touch to your dinner, that’s especially suitable for your elaborately prepared cuisine.


Good materials ensure the quality of Ollagift’s placemats.

Since placemats are built to protect our tables and avoid tableware slipping, the material needs to meet the demands of skid and heat resistance. All our placemats are made from durable polyester, which can perfectly meet to conditions, and also, they are easy to clean, non-fading, non-stain, easy to wipe clean and dry very quickly. Machine washable, can hold up very well with low maintenance. If you have children, or any member of your family is a bit of a messy eater, placemats are a good choice to keep your table clean and avoid embarrassment.

Why placemat is popular nowadays?

If placemats only have one function, they would not be so popular. Obviously, there are more reasons for us to choose them. First things first, they are art on our tables. Since we all pursue for more exquisite life, we begin to enjoy our lives instead of leading a “not bad” life. A placemat on table can reflect what kind of life you are leading. Our placemats can be used year-round with a variety of napkin colors, and with crystal or casual table glass. Either way they add a festive touch to the table. They are aesthetically pleasing and are a great addition to your table because of its high quality printing technology.

The Mother’s Day series placemats, with top-ranking exquisite design, would be the best table cover decoration to complete your holiday-themed look, making your dining room sweet and cozy.

Ollagift’s placemats are not only with good quality, but also affordable for us.

You can afford the prices of placemats easily. Naturally placemats come in all prices, but here at Ollagift, we are not intending to rob anyone for our delicate decorative placemats. As a matter of fact, we offer big discounts on them, including the Mother’s Day series. We hope to give you the best quality products with the bottom price, and hope them will bring a sparkle to your elaborate holiday meal.

If you still have no idea of what present to buy for your mother, please consider our placemats. The objects look exactly as they do on screen: the colors, pattern, and of good quality material. They can be used all year round and they will trigger the memory of this happy Mother’s Day when your mother uses them.

Click here to visit Ollagift for our Mother’s Day placemats. We also have other delicate and symbolic products for  Mother’s Day. Wish your mother an impressive Mother’s Day. ❤❤

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