How to Ensure You Pick the Right Clothing Stores Online

Since the early 2000’s there has been a dramatic increase of entrepreneurs wanting to create their empire using the internet. Able to source some of the finer (QC approved) products sourced from Asia; mostly China to ensure a maximum turn around and customer satisfaction for the smallest investment. This tactic has proven successful by a huge number of big brands such as H&M, Rayban, Dolce & Gabbana and basically every other major brand out there has their clothing store online available. Aside from the major players, there has been a huge development in terms of supporting platforms that are able to help new businesses set up a professional looking website such as Shopify, and even social media such as Facebook & Instagram. Today we’ll be sharing with you some inside information on ensuring you pick the right clothing store to make sure you are a happy customer when the goods arrive.


Return Policy

Something that most people are overlooking are the return policies of an online clothing store. Most of the online stores work with a somewhat strict policy on returning an item, especially when it is sent from the far East in which you basically catch yourself off guard once the product has been paid for. Make sure you read through the information as diligently as possible as most online clothing stores do not accept returns within a certain time limit.

Big vs. Small

When you are looking to buy something for yourself of for an occasion, you can weigh out the differences between big and small companies. To get to the point; although the online clothing store market is mainly dominated by huge brands in terms of sales and revenue, there are hundreds of thousands of small contenders who are as you are reading this, trying their hardest to make that first sale to prove their worth and will offer benefits which most major sellers do not.

What we are talking about here is buying from online clothing stores which are providing free shipping, buyer discounts (and not just on the first purchase, but actually long term), customized printing and last but definitely something extremely hard to acquire in today’s online shopping experience; a great customer service!

Although big brands have earned their stripes due to the fact that they have been in business for many of years, but we strongly recommend checking out competitors of a different size as well.


Testing the Waters (the initial contact)

Truth be told, there are a lot of non-trustworthy online stores available, so what we are looking for when shopping online is a bit of communication and fact checking before putting your money anywhere. So, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 steps that everyone ought to take in order to be convinced that the online clothing store you are looking to purchase from is legit.


Supporting Platform

Most legit sellers are wanting to get the full SEO benefits from  their online clothing store (such as Ollagift) and therefore go with one of the existing platforms such as Shopify. Make sure you check the bottom of the page to see the copyright section.


Social Media Accounts of Online Clothing Stores

When a business is sincerely going about it’s awareness online and wanting to make their name online, they are most likely going to set up accounts on social media such as Facebook as well as Instagram to show potential buyers what they are all about, so don’t feel shy to fill in the brand name into Google to find out all about them.



Our final tip on this subject is to make contact. On basically every online clothing store website found today, there can be found a contact form which allows you to communicate with the seller or manufacturer. If you find yourself in the situation where you do not hear back from them within a reasonable time (24 hours in most cases), it’s fair to assume that the owner of the online clothing store is not as dedicated in communicating with you as a top priority and that it would probably be a good idea to move on.



A great point of reference is also to check the reviews of the products to ensure that you aren’t the first and/or only one who was interested in the product. Online stores can put up a great sales pitch for any product, but the real experience comes from your fellow purchasers, take it from them.


Take a look

Thank you for your time and reading through this article about online clothing stores. If you feel like there is more information that we might have missed that we should be adding, please feel free to leave a like and comment below so we can update our article accordingly.

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