From Myth To Reality, What Do We Actually Know About Unicorns

Unicorns have appeared in the mythologies of many eastern and western civilizations throughout history. But then again, is it based on fact or is it all part of imagination? But like the discovery of the earth being round instead of flat, there wasn’t any evidence of this either. There is a possibility that artifacts of unicorns may be found after all, and proving that these mythological animals actually lived. This article digs a bit deeper into the myth presenting you with all that is known.

What Does the Word Even Mean?

Unicorn means "one horn." Most often unicorns are represented as a white horse (although not in every representation)  with a single horn growing from its forehead. Sometimes unicorns are also represented as a deer or even a goat with a single horn. This horn is a special one with magical powers and shaped into a spiral from which the unicorn draws its power.

Unicorns have supposedly been blessed with a number of magical qualities such as; unicorn tears and blood are said to contain healing properties for wounds, the powder of a unicorn horn is said to be an antidote for any number of poisons. Unicorns are said to be difficult to catch and, in many mythologies, can only be tamed by young maidens. The unicorn is also used in many forms of symbols during the Middle Ages (where they were used on shields to represent holy warriors) but during modern times as well by the LGBTQ community. Here they represent people of rare finding and unlimited power in a way of a hard to obtain personality.

Have We Ever Seen One?

Where video editing is a common practice that extends far into modern day social media, many people have claimed to have seen and even video recorded unicorns:

  1. Austrian naturalist Antal Festetics claims to have seen and recorded a unicorn while horseback riding in Harz Mountains. Again, it stays with claims and word of mouth…
  2. Another story came from the Ontario Science Center which reported a unicorn sighting in the Don Valley. When digging into the “Don Valley” area a bit more we concluded that this spot is extremely unlikely to find any of the said wildlife, but who knows...

With all the “video proof” that has been provided thus far, and after having watched probably 100 of those, we strongly felt that at least 99% of those videos we a hoax and the actual unicorn being too static for belief.

Unicorn Artifacts as Real Proof?!

Throughout history, people have tried to find proof that a mythical animal such as a unicorn has existed. However, after a century of searching for any form of remains of a unicorn resulted in nothing but failure, those looking were forced to make choices that they did not start out with.

Several unicorn skeletons have been discovered, but all have also been discovered fakes. In the 1600s, a German scientist and Inventor by the name of Otto Von Guericke created a fake unicorn skeleton with bones locals found in a cave. The idea came from a book which was released in the 1700s and to this day it was unclear whether or not the purpose of the construction was to convince the locals (and by that, the whole world) that there was proof of existence, or a mere practical joke to astonish non-believers.

The Majestic Legend of the Sea Unicorn

There is one animal that fits most descriptions of a unicorn, and that is the Narwhal which is a mammal that lives around the icy areas of the poles. The only issue with this animal is that it’s a sea creature and that the horn actually comes from the mouth through a gap in its upper lip, and we have no idea what it’s for. Throughout history, these animals were hunted and their horns sold as unicorn horns to believers.

Making Actual Unicorns

Moving on to genetic modification, it is possible to manipulate the horns of cattle and goats (as well as other horned animals as well) to create the idea of a unicorn horn. And although this would not merely happen after taking genetics into our own hands, it could also happen by chance in nature. This could possibly also explain the myth at its core.



Although there have been a great number of attempts to ensure that the Myth became a legend, actual proof of unicorn have never actually been found and although great effort has been made, the only place that they will actually appear is within our minds. Having said that though, we do offer a great selection for youngsters as well as adults to get you one step closer to your unicorn fantasy, all you ought to do is click on this link right here and get your own unicorn products made according to your own design, OR check out our great selection of products.

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