Dressing According to Your Body Type, Men Only

Assume that not men’s are equally fit and that most of men’s body shapes can be divided into 5 different types. This might be an over generalization, but in order for us here at Ollagift to give most people a bit of great advise we have to go at it in this way. In this article we’ll be asking you to select one of the most common body types and according to either of the 5, you’ll be receiving some great advise on clothing types (including a great unicorn t-shirt) on what you could start to look at to accentuate the great parts of your body.


Shape #1: The Rectangle

With your shoulders in synch with the waist and hips, you ought to be looking to emphasize the shoulders as well as possible. Luckily however with this body shape, all you ought to be focussing on is trying to not seem plain. With that said, try to avoid vertical stripes as they emphasize a straight image but instead go for a V-neck with horizontal stripes to ensure the shoulders seem as shameful as possible.


Shape #2: the Rhomboid

People with the Rhomboid shape are naturally wide and that’s not all, the chest is also wide and gets accentuated by a naturally narrow shaped waist. Also, many reading this might be confusing the rectangle shape found above in #1 with the Rhomboid shape as the differences between the two are only slight.


This is where measurement tape might come in handy if you are unsure whether your shoulders are actually wider than your waist. As for the unicorn shirt you might pick for yourself with a rhomboid shape is nearly unlimited. This shape of body is considered one of the best shapes by fashion magazines and ladies as well and you are in luck with this shape as well, the only limitation to this body shape is your own bravery and willingness to show your natural shapes.


Shape #3: The Inverted Rectangle

This type of body shape is one that many aspire to achieve (think serious body builder type) that takes a dedicated diet and many of hours in the gym or somewhat natural for the 2% of people in the world. The way the body looks is amazing, however, finding clothing to match this body type is quite a hard task to achieve as the fitting around the shoulders might be just right, but due to the triangle shape tend to sag everywhere else.


A way to get yourself a semi good looking unicorn shirt is to either get it tailor made here a Ollagift OR in a way draw away attention from the shoulders. A great looking V-neck or polo are awesome choices to try and draw attention more to the core of your torso and therefore making your shoulders appear smaller and thus achieving balance.


You may also want to consider trying to draw away attention by accessorizing with a thick belt giving the impression of a bigger size waist or accessorize even bigger by making use of a chain on the holes of the belt, or going slightly overboard with a handkerchief which could help greatly.


Shape #4: The Triangle

Fortunately for many, in this “workout climate” we do not see this shape as common as others. But for those who do have the triangle shape we can still give you some fantastic advice on how to find the best unicorn shirt for this body shape.


Triangle shaped men have narrow shoulders, a somewhat wider chest and a waist which is wider than both of those. This may give the impression of being heavy around the belly area and in order to bring balance. we ought to buff up the upper half.


Wearing slightly padded tops (such as jackets for formality) are a great way to bring this balance but we do want to strongly advise to try and avoid lighter colors as they give away body shapes more easily than darker colors. Last but not least we also want to advise not to go with any tops that have horizontal lines as they emphasize wideness, and that we want to avoid.


Shape #5: The Oval (Ball of Love)

Secretly the favorite shape of about 60% of the women is the “Ball of Love”. Semi-slim shoulders and chest, a wider waist and also slim hips make men with this shape the most huggable of all. In order to achieve balance with this body shape it’s important to try and even everything out by means of adopting to a unicorn shirt with vertical stripes (horizontal stripes NEVER the option for you). Long sleeved shirts as well as properly sized pants are a great way to seem limbs seem longer and we strongly encourage you to purchasing those.


Ollagift for Your Clothing Needs

We hope you learnt a bit more about putting clothes on according to your particular body shape. Don’t feel shy to match yourself with one of the above but don’t take the information seen above too seriously as everyone has a natural feeling for what they like and want to wear. This is merely the balance that people may be looking for.

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