Creating your style of party with a Happy Birthday Unicorn Trend

Birthdays are some of the most important parties of a person’s life. You get only a limited amount of them and so it’s extremely important that you have yours in style of the thing that is magical and at the same time provide you and your guests with and environment that is not only inviting but memorable as well. Over the past hundred years, a pattern of popular trends has come along and today we’d like to show you how a happy birthday Unicorn can be a great gift.


Happy Birthday Unicorn Gift in the Bedroom


Imagine yourself having a youngster (mostly girls though) that are below the age of 12 and still being in awe with the world’s most magical and mythical creatures in the world; the unicorn. Wouldn’t it be amazing to combine the place she likes to be at the most throughout the night (and maybe day) in the spirits of this awesome animal? Here at Ollagift we actually offer a number of products to get your daughter’s bedroom into the mood of unicorns with our great bedding sets that are available year-round! Either pick one of our great designs as you can see below, but if you’re feeling particularly artistic, please go ahead and try out our online DIY option which allows you to customize your bedding set completely according to your own wishes.

Happy Birthday Unicorn gifts for in the bedroom could also come in the shape of a wonderful clock that would not only allow your child to complete their unicorn dream look, but also help teach her/him the time of the day.

Another great suggestion for you to take a look at is our high-quality unicorn LED night light that would add magic to any room in the house. Don’t forget that again for any of our Ollagift products found online, there is a DIY page attached to ensure you have the freedom to design it entirely according to your own wishes.


Happy Unicorn Birthday Preparations


As with most birthday parties, the preparation of it for the quests invited is crucial to ensure that the party becomes a success, thus make sure you get all your necessary supplies beforehand to complete the look of a happy unicorn birthday.

When we think about kid’s parties, we, we first think of a great cake that shines rainbows from afar. We can only imagine the mess it could bring forth to your dining table and this is exactly why placemats are the first order of business. But not just any placemats, as they have to fit the theme of the special day so why not go with a set of happy birthday unicorn placemats. As you can see from the image below, our Ollagift happy unicorn birthday placemat sets would ensure success! They are made from polyester so no worries about throwing them in the laundry for a potential next magical party and with the choices in design, we’re sure to make you and your child happy.

Happy Unicorn Birthday Gifts!


Gifts are only natural for that special child! Since we like to take things into a bit more of a practical setting, wouldn’t a backpack designed for not only looks but also comfort and durability make for one of the most useful gifts you could possibly get? Check out our latest backpacks with a huge selection of designs right here at Ollagift.

The only other thing that we could imagine going very well with this backpack is a lunchbox that is water resistant and is able to hold the food at its ideal temperature which you can find right here.

Now we know that we’ve been catering mostly to all the youngsters out there, but there are also a number of great happy unicorn birthday gifts that would be applicable to most of the more grown up teen and even adults. Check out our latest addition of unicorn duffle bags! Useful for just about any situation such as your sports bag that you pack before heading out to the gym, an easy to carry bag for that camping trip with your friends and also the best bag for storing some secret food before heading into the cinema (don’t tell anyone we said that).


What to Remember for Your Happy Unicorn Birthday?


We got what you need for any of your unicorn wishes, without a doubt! So, come check us out by clicking on any of the images found within this article and take your pick. We’ve got a number of great discounts going on that will ensure you get what you like at the best price. Aside from that, we’ve got our magical customer service team ready to take on any of your requests.

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