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First of all, how are the holidays treating you (leave a comment!)? Are they as good and as sunny as everywhere else in the world, and are you getting your tan going as planned?

Today, we are taking our article in a different direction, the direction of self-advertisement as the comments and likes are getting out of control. So, for today we’ll be talking about the products that we are selling on our own website. Enjoy and if you feel inclined to do so, get your own products designed by Ollagift.


The Backpack You Have to Have for the Winter School Term of 2019


Get ready for your upcoming winter school term with this backpack (or backpack kid). The one thing you’ll need and can’t skip out on is the backpack so let us inform you a bit about the one that we are selling.

Our standard backpack features one big compartment to store your books, pencil cases and we’ve actually tested it to fill it up to capacity on our Youtube video right here. Plenty of storage and as with most backpacks, there’s a smaller compartment located at the from of the backpack for your smaller, more fragile and more important items such as your keys, and possibly even your wallet. Having a drink “on the go” is also easy with this backpack with a mesh pocket on the side to bring along your thermos bottle (also on our web shop)!


The Best Possible Lunch You Could Have at School or Work


Nothing beats a home cooked meal whether you are cooking for yourself or have someone make food for you. The problem though with it is if you don’t eat the food straight away, it might not taste as good at a later moment, but there are some ways to ensure that you retain the flavor as well as temperature at its optimal level.

For this reason and this reason only, we’d like to show you our unicorn patterned square shaped lunch bags. They are truly worth it and are insulated to keep your food fresh up to 6 hours! The best part about this amazing lunch box is the fact that they are currently available in 20 different designs, the more choice the better right!?

The lunch box has a double zipper, and aside from its main compartment, has a mesh with elastic band cover designed to store your utensils or even cups and plates. The side of the lunch box has a similar mesh pocket that is perfectly shaped for our thermos bottles (package discount!) which can also be found on our online store.

The lunch box can be carried using the handle found on the sides but if you want to be handsfree, simply attach the straps and your box will become a messenger bag.


Backpack Kid, The Best Backpack You Can Get for Your Kid This Winter


Our last product that we would love to show you is this “backpack kid”. It’s basically everything you read above but then mini sized. If you have kids that are in kindergarten or primary school, we strongly recommend getting this backpack kid for your youngster.

This backpack in particular has likewise a large compartment as well as features a smaller compartment at the front of the backpack. Now because most youngsters have 2 breaks throughout the day of school, we’ve added an extra mesh pocket to ensure you can double up on the drinks you’ll be sending your kid to school with.

And as most of the youngsters pile their backpack kid up, it’s important not to accidentally switch or mistake yours’ for someone else’s. For this reason, we’re offering a great selection of 10 different designs all oriented towards the magical world of unicorns. Take a look and for a mere $25, - you’ll set up the basic needs of school.


Choose Ollagift


Now we’ve seen a set of 3 best sellers found on our website and we’ve got more unicorn than you could possibly handle! We have our own supply chain and even the option to have you design your own products with our easy to use DIY features found on our website. All that’s left to do for you is click here and take a quick look at our website.

Also, while you’re done reading and finding out all about us, please feel free to comment, subscribe and tell us what you would like to see for our upcoming winter collection. From all of us here at Ollagift, we wish you the best summer and holiday travels that you could possibly have and we’ll see you when you get back.

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