3 Types of Unicorns You Will Know about after this Article

Among the dozens of unicorns that “exist” according to myth and legend, we’ll go over 3 distinct types that stand out the most and are quite different from one another. These types have not only been talked about in European history but also Asian history.

Types of Unicorns: The pegacorn


Something magical happens when you get 2 majestic beings to mate with one another; the pegacorn. This outstanding animal comes from the mix between a traditional European unicorn and a Pegasus. The result is a horse type that has a unicorn and wings at the same time and would, according to myth, be a species of the highest order and for those reasons be rode into battle by Archangels.

Types of Unicorns: Nightmare

Lesser known to many; and the result of torture on a Pegasus (removal of its wings) is the Nightmare. Easily spotted as the fur is black and its manes, tail, and legs are engulfed in flames. The Nightmare travels with lightning speed and is followed by a cloud of rolling smoke. Due to the former Pegasus being tortured and evil rituals, its characteristics change to those of a baddy and it’s best to avoid the Nightmare at all costs.

Types of Unicorns: Modern day Unicorn


The most easily identifiable unicorn is probably the modern-day unicorn. As described by the books based on King Arthur this particular unicorn has healing and cleansing abilities. By nature, the Modern-day Unicorn is pure-hearted and only those who are of similar pure heart will be able to see the unicorn as it presents itself.

Unicorn Background


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